Next Fine Art Photography Exhibition in London at C99 Art Project Gallery

Tilt Up

‘Alza Lo Sguardo’ By Aaron Baghetti


OPENING: Thursday 26th June 2014
EXHIBITION DATES: 27th June – 31st July 2014
LOCATION: C99 Art Project, 99 Chamberlayne Road, London, NW10 3ND

After the success of the first exhibition in Milan, emerging talent Aaron Baghetti presents a selection of Tilt Up images at C99 Art Project.

Tilt Up is an exhibition that is inspired by a collective feeling of global alienation, the work aims to stimulate individuals to acquire details outside of their visual range, to raise their gaze towards futuristic perspectives, real and concrete that arise from human intelligence by the need to evolve and to always overcome its limits.

Everywhere in the world, in the modern metropolis, walking in the street, we see how people are absorbed in their own microcosm, distant from each other and from what surrounds them, each taken from their own daily lives, living still in a distracted present.

Aaron Baghetti was born in Milan and is an emerging talent and whose work is one to watch. His father, Giancarlo was a journalist and photographer and a well known Ferrari Formula 1 pilot – the only rookie to have won a Grand Prix F1 at his first race. It was this early influence that ignited Aaron Baghetti’s passion to become a professional photographer at the early age of sixteen.

Since then Aaron Baghetti has pursued a successful career working within the commercial sector, capturing everything from cars to music, fashion and design. As a photographer, Aaron is fond of any project that transcends enthusiasm and dedication to the point of deciding not to get limited to a specific boundary, but to be free to follow his inspiration of the moment.

Some events of his life, such as the premature death of his father have deeply marked him, but at the same time have also encouraged the growth of his own charisma, the development of a deep inner world and a keen sense of observation.

This has led to Aaron Baghetti’s artistic inspiration, to build on his cultural and emotional experience and heritage (futurism, transavantgarde and science fiction), generating his desire to emerge, to look up ahead, to travel around the world and capture the powerful images employed in the exhibition ‘Alza Lo Sguardo’, as well as to focus on Fine Art Photography.

Aaron’s first exhibition entitled ‘Alza lo Sguardo’ was held in Milan last spring. This year in May 2014, he featured three works at the London Photo Festival and has also shown a motion photograph at The Saatchi Gallery together with other shortlisted works from Google Art Project ‘Google+’ and The Saatchi Gallery Prize.

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