Next Show at MIA Photo Fair, Milan

Aaron Baghetti will present his collection “Humans or Replicants – Love in the Age of the Unreal” at the MIA Photo Fair on 28th April – 2nd May in Milan with his London Gallery 29 Arts in Progress.

At the edge between the real and the unreal, the true and the false, the original and the fake, who are we going to love?

This is the question which inspired this collection. Through his powerful shots, Aaron Baghetti makes real the un-living mannequins of high street window displays worldwide. He captures the truth of their gaze, the harmony of their poses, the fascination of their subconscious, making attractive and even sex appealing these un-human beautiful objects. His images render the concept of how can “agalmatophilia” be possible. His untrue women give, in fact,  the illusion to be always at disposal, to be there to fulfill any undisclosed desire, fantasy and need of a confused dreaming man in the age of the unreal.

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